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The Background to DataOps

Before getting started with Data Operations, or short DataOps, it is strongly recommended that all users review the following content about the origins of DataOps, philosophies, and webinar recordings and ensure familiarity with some of the underpinning technologies.

Background reading

Principles of DataOps

To read about DataOps principles and philosophies in general and not look at any specific technologies or implementation, please review:

To find out more about as a solution, you can start with:


Several videos on YouTube covering DataOps background information are available as well:

DataOps philosophy video series

  1. DevOps on one Slide
  2. Background on DataOps
  3. Seven Pillars of TrueDataOps
  4. Three Different Types of Pipelines
  5. Federated Orchestration
  6. Best Practices and Design

Data product platform series

Please see this playlist on YouTube for the full data product platform video series. webinars

The following webinar recordings have been made available, covering interesting and relevant use cases:

Snowflake technical webinar

Required technologies

In order to use the data product platform, some level of familiarity of the following technologies is strongly recommended (required for developers):