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dbt Quickstart

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With Create, you can easily transform your dbt projects. A guided process allows you to migrate your dbt core project into a comprehensive, streamlined data pipeline.

The data product platform manages the automatic migration and conversion for you, ensuring a smooth transition. Plus, you gain access to Develop, a browser-based development environment where you can innovate and test your models with the help of a personal AI Assistant.


Create a zip of the dbt project you want to migrate to Snowflake.

1. Log into the data product creator

  1. In your browser, go to Create login page and click Sign in.

  2. Enter your email address in the Welcome form and click Continue.

  3. Enter your password and click Sign in.

    If you connect for the first time, the app asks you for authentication against the data product platform. Use your Dataops user.

  4. Once authenticated, select dbt Quickstart. Create app main window with quickstarts choices !!shadow!!

  5. Follow the steps in the stepper to migrate your dbt project to Snowflake.

Select the target project for the migrated dbt project choices !!shadow!!

2. Define the target project in Snowflake

  1. Start typing the name of an existing Dataops group to display a list you can choose from. The group is contained within a customer account and it has projects and subgroups.
  2. Enter a name for the new project.
  3. Enter the login information for the Snowflake account where you want to migrate the dbt project and click Connect.
  4. Once you see the successful connection message, click Continue.

3. Select the source dbt project

  1. Upload or drop a zip of the dbt project you want to migrate. A message displays to confirm upload indicating the number of files.

    Provide the source dbt project you want to migrate !!shadow!!

  2. Once you see the successful upload message, click Continue.

4. Define the target database for your model

From the database list in the Snowflake account, select a database and click Continue.

5. Select the jobs to include in the migration pipeline

All available jobs are selected by default. Clear the checkbox of the jobs you don't want to run in the migration pipeline.

Select the jobs you want to include in the migration pipeline !!shadow!!

  1. In the Mode selector field, enter the tag or the name of the model you want to build in the pipeline and click Continue.

    The tag depends on what is defined in the dbt project. A DataOps pipeline is generated to deploy your project to Snowflake.


    The pipeline runs even if the Model selector field stays empty. This creates a feature branch, but won't build any models.

  2. From the confirmation window, do one of the following:

    • Click Open designer to launch our browser-based development environment and start development on the dbt project.

    • Click Open pipeline to open the pipeline on the platform.

      Select the jobs you want to include in the migration pipeline !!shadow!!