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FAQ — Data Product Creator

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1. What is a data product in

In, a data product comprises various data assets, such as tables, views, and models, created to serve a specific business purpose. These assets are grouped and organized based on the data product definition and manifest in the platform, offering a comprehensive overview of the data product. These data products are designed to be reusable, scalable, and easily maintainable, allowing users to derive valuable insights from their data.

2. How can I create a data product?

To create a data product, open the data product creator in your browser. Follow the intuitive interface to define your data sources, apply transformations, and configure any necessary settings. Once finalized and tested, you can deploy your data product to the Snowflake environment for consumption.

3. What types of data sources are supported for data product creation?

The data product creator works with both existing Snowflake databases and the ones you create using DDL files.

4. Why do I get the error message: "You are not authenticated" when launching the development environment?

When you initially navigate to the Develop (DevReady) of the data product creator (gitpod), you may encounter a "You are not authenticated" message. A hard refresh can help resolve this issue. This forces the browser to reload the page and its resources from the server, ignoring any cached data.

To perform a hard refresh in most web browsers:

  • Windows/Linux: Press Ctrl + F5
  • Mac: Press Command + Shift + R

5. Can I customize the data products according to my business requirements?

Yes, Create allows for extensive customization of data products. You can define specific data transformations, apply business logic, and incorporate machine learning models to tailor the data products to your unique business needs.

6. How do I ensure the quality and reliability of my data products? Create provides built-in testing and validation features to ensure the quality and reliability of your data products. You can ask the Assist chat integrated into the data product creation workflow for suggestions on how to best test your dataset. It outlines the types of tests tailored to your data. Assist creates a YAML file with applicable tests and even recommends specific columns to test, ensuring data integrity.

7. What is the role of version control in data product creation?

Version control is essential for managing changes and updates to data products over time. With the data product creator, you can track revisions, rollback to previous versions, and collaborate with team members effectively to maintain the integrity and consistency of your data products.