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Deployment Topologies

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The DataOps Development Environment (DDE) is in private preview. Therefore, the service may be unavailable for periods of time. There also may be occasions where service elements are rebuilt, and things like your stored credentials are removed, and you will need to re-add. This poses no risk to the rest of DataOps and is completely isolated.

As good development practice dictates, whether developing on local machines, remotely, or in the cloud, never rely on these for safe storage of configuration/code. Always create a new branch before any changes, and regularly commit your changes to this branch.

You can use the DataOps Development Environment (DDE) with three different deployment topologies: cloud, local, or remote. With any of these deployment models, the DDE helps you speed up the development process and allows you automatically assemble all the resources you need to create a more robust and flexible ecosystem.

The DDE deployment models

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different deployment models with different architectures when using DDE:

  1. DataOps Development Environment with cloud deployment, DDE Cloud: You only need your internet browser to develop. The rest is managed inside the DDE Cloud itself.
  2. DataOps Development Environment with local deployment, DDE Local: You only need your computer to develop. The DDE Local uses dev containers to provide the same suite of tools available in the DDE Cloud but runs entirely on your computer.
  3. DataOps Development Environment with remote deployment, DDE Remote: You only need your computer to develop — in the same manner as the local deployment — but the tools are provided by a remote host you connect to through your local IDE (Integrated Data Environment).

Here are diagrams to represent each scenario:

DDE Cloud

Cloud Development Environment __shadow__

DDE Local

Local Development Environment __shadow__

DDE Remote

Remote Development Environment __shadow__