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Known Issues in Develop

DevReady environment

Find some typical issues below in browser development environments that are not critical or pressing defects in the system:

  • If you are in the data product platform and navigated to a file where the filename or the path contains a ., e.g.:

    file invalid name !!shadow!!

    When opening Develop, you may get an error like the one below:

    error for file invalid name !!shadow!!

    Go back to your browser, move up in the directory structure, and click to reopen the DevReady.

  • The setup job for a new workspace can take approximately 10 seconds to run and fully prepare the environment. During this time, extensions may not fully load or work correctly.

  • The Preview Results button:

    Preview Results tab !!shadow!!

    Preview Results tab !!shadow!!

    Even though it returns results, sometimes the timer continues to tick up. This has no adverse effect.

  • Variable scope: If you use subgroups within, there is a known issue with GitPod that doesn't always get the correct scope. We believe we have addressed this within the DataOps workspace image, but if you see this problem, please report it.

DevPod environment

MAC users will experience slow performance due to emulating the x86_64 environment. We are hoping for Rosetta support soon that will improve this situation.