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Visual Studio Code Extensions

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Extension name: ms-python.python

The core Python extension. It is a dependency for other modules and allows running Python code with a single button click.

Better toml

Extension name: bungcip.better-toml

It provides better rendering for TOML files.


Extension name: samuelcolvin.jinjahtml

The JINJA template rendering extension specifically within dbt models.

dbt power user

Extension name: vscode-dbt-power-user

Main extension for dbt development and testing. Use it from the provided buttons in the top right of a SQL development window:


Or by opening the plugin itself:

The automatically executed script /dataops-cde/scripts/ dynamically populates the required ~/.dbt/profiles.yml file.

Snowflake driver for sqltools

Extension name: koszti.snowflake-driver-for-sqltools

This extension also installs sqltools itself. The automatically executed script /dataops-cde/scripts/ automatically creates two Snowflake profiles using the same credentials as used for MATE/dbt, one for the production database, the second for the database that is related to the current branch:


The User configured needs to have a default ROLE set for this Extension to operate correctly.

Installing custom extensions

If you wish to include your custom extensions, you can do it in the .gitpod.yml file:

- name: Setup
before: |

image: dataopslive/dataops-gitpod-workspace:5-latest

- streetsidesoftware.code-spell-checker