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Setting Environment Variables

To correctly execute all the data product platform functions, occasionally additional settings are needed. You can do this at the group level (recommended) or the project level. In either case, navigate to Settings → CI/CD and expand the Variables section. Click Add variable, and the following dialog box is displayed:

add-environment-variable !!shadow!!

For example, if you were to configure a different container registry than Docker Hub you would need to provide the credentials. In this case, add the following details in the fields provided:


  • Value:

    "auths": {
    "": {
    "auth": "ZGF0YW9wc3JlYWQ6ZGNrcl9wYXRfODJGUTRPNk40eWI2ZlhKYzE1a0l2WDRRcnRn"

Leave all the other fields as their default values.

Click Add variable on the dialog box. Your configuration will look similar to:

environment-variables !!shadow!!


The DOCKER_AUTH_CONFIG above is the authentication config for dataopsread, a read-only service account allowing you to pull images from the dataopslive docker registry.