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Creating DataOps Projects from the Template Project

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Cloning the DataOps Template Project

DataOps includes a template project that contains our starting configuration to help you create a new DataOps project.


Never try and create a DataOps project from a blank project. It's very easy to make a mistake which can be hard to find and fix.

Here is the workflow or list of steps to create a new project by cloning the DataOps Template Project.

  1. Within your DataOps Group click on:

New Project _shadow_

  1. Secondly, click on:

create-from-template _shadow_

  1. Thirdly, click on:

use-template _shadow_

  1. Enter the following details as shown in this image:
  • Project name: your project name
  • Project description (optional): your project description

enter-details _shadow_

  1. Lastly, click on:

Create Project _shadow_