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Data Product Hands-on for Data Engineers

Suppose you are a data engineer tasked with designing and building data pipelines and models to support data product creation, the platform assists you in achieving your goals.

With the data product platform, you can easily create, test, deploy, and update standalone or composite data products using pipelines within your DataOps projects. You can also interact with Gen AI on top of dbt Core to boost productivity.

This comprehensive platform offers a hands-on approach, empowering you to build each component of your data products from scratch while efficiently managing data products and ensuring reliability and scalability. It provides specialized capabilities such as data ingestion, data quality assurance, data transformation, unified observability, and federated governance for effective data product development and management.

Save time and use the data product platform to build data products by following these steps:

  1. Create a project from a template.
  2. Set up and Snowflake.
  3. Build data products using all the automation the platform can offer.