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How to Create Fallback Jobs

What are fallback jobs

A fallback job acts as a retry mechanism. It attempts your main job again with a different container image or alternative configurational changes.

You can create a fallback job for specific jobs. If the primary job fails, the fallback job steps in and tries to finish successfully.

Why do you need them

By incorporating fallback jobs into a pipeline, developers and data engineers can enhance the reliability, robustness, and fault tolerance of the system. They provide a safety net to ensure that critical processes can continue running and potentially recover from failures.

You might need them if you want to use a feature part of our latest orchestrators release. When you incorporate a fallback job using a stable release, you can improve the pipeline's reliability.

How to implement them

  1. Specify a reusable configuration for both jobs.

  2. Create the main job that extends from the common config.

    • It must use the allow_failure: true flag.
    • At the end of a successful run, the job creates a file with some hard-coded content: echo "success" > "$CI_JOB_NAME"
    • It must artifact the file.
  3. Create the second job that extends from the common config.

    • It must add the appropriate needs.
    • It must check whether the file created upon the success of the main job is there or not.
    • Override the image property or any other property of interest.


The pipeline configuration:

- /pipelines/includes/bootstrap.yml

## Load Secrets job
- project: reference-template-projects/dataops-template/dataops-reference
ref: 5-stable
file: /pipelines/includes/default/load_secrets.yml

extends: .agent_tag
resource_group: $CI_JOB_NAME
stage: Snowflake Setup
- /dataops
- echo "success" > "$CI_JOB_NAME"
when: always

Set Up Snowflake:
- .setup
image: dataopslive/dataops-snowflakeobjectlifecycle-runner:5-latest
allow_failure: true

Set Up Snowflake fallback:
- .setup
needs: ["Initialise Reference Project", "Set Up Snowflake"]
image: dataopslive/dataops-snowflakeobjectlifecycle-runner:5-stable
- if [ "$(cat 'Set Up Snowflake')" != "success" ]; then /dataops ; fi

extends: .agent_tag
stage: Additional Configuration
image: alpine
needs: ["Set Up Snowflake fallback"]
- echo "dummy sample job sucsess."

Successful execution of the main job: Pipeli that shows successful execution of the main job !!shadow!!

Failure of the main job and recovery through the fallback job: Pipeline that shows failure of the main job and recovery through the fallback job !!shadow!!