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How to Pass Variables from a Pipeline to MATE

Passing variables to MATE through a DataOps pipeline is particularly useful when using the same pipeline for different operations instead of creating duplicate pipeline files. There are two standard ways a user can define a MATE variable: through the dbt_project.yml or by passing a --vars argument in addition to the TRANSFORM_ACTION. In this example, you will learn how to do the latter with the variable start_date.

Setting up the pipeline job

To dynamically change the variables without needing to change the pipeline, you can pass them via the TRANSFORM_EXTRA_PARAMS_AFTER parameter to the MATE orchestrator. For example:

Build all Models:
- .modelling_and_transformation_base
- .agent_tag
TRANSFORM_EXTRA_PARAMS_AFTER: '--vars {"start_date":${start_date}}'
stage: Data Transformation
- /dataops
- echo $start_date

You specify --vars by using a simple dictionary in which the value of the key-value pair is a dynamic pipeline variable. Not that the value of start_date gets emitted to the log explicitly.

Setting up the MATE model

For the example, you will use the passed variable in a mart model:

{{ config(alias='ORDERS') -}}

SELECT o_orderkey AS "Order Key",
o_custkey AS "Customer Key",
o_orderstatus AS "Order Status",
o_totalprice AS "Total Price",
o_orderdate AS "Order date",
o_orderpriority AS "Order Priority",
o_clerk AS "Clerk",
o_shippriority AS "Ship Priority",
o_comment AS "Comment",
(SELECT Count(*)
FROM {{ source('snowflake_sample_data_tpch_sf1', 'LINEITEM') }}
WHERE l_orderkey = o_orderkey
AND o_orderdate > Date({{var("start_date") }})) AS "Number of Line Items"

FROM {{ source('snowflake_sample_data_tpch_sf1', 'ORDERS') }}

Running the pipeline

Once you set it up, you can run the pipeline from the project's pipeline view and specify the start_date as a one-off override:

Running the pipeline with manual variable override !!shadow!!

Observing the outcome in the pipeline log files, you can monitor the run and inspect the variables as well:

Job log of command line arguments to MATE !!shadow!!


Job log of echo output !!shadow!!