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How to Update Tags on Existing Runners

Tags on runners in serve as metadata attributes that help filter and select runners when configuring job executions in a pipeline. These tags determine which jobs within a pipeline to pick up and run by a specific runner. You can assign multiple tags to a single runner or leave it with no tags.

If you already have runners installed on-premises or your cloud vendor of choice, you can update the tags assigned to these registered runners. Since runners are usually associated with a specific DataOps groups, let's see how to edit tags for existing group runners.


You must have the Maintainer role for the group to follow the steps.


  1. Navigate to your group CI/CD settings and select Runners.

  2. From the open list, select the runner you want to edit.

    This opens a detailed page where you can see more information about the runner.

    Details for the runner assigned to a group  !!shadow!!

  3. On the top right, select Edit.

  4. In the Tags field, add the new tag, and click Save changes.

    You can enter more than one tag separated by commas.

    Details for the runner tags assigned to a group  !!shadow!!