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dbt 1.3 Private Preview

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Changes in dbt 1.3 private preview

We have introduced a set of changes as part of the dbt 1.3 private preview. Some changes, such as updated versions, are enabled by default, while you will need to enable other changes, such as logical stages, by adding a specific variable.

Representing logical stages

This new functionality allows organizing nodes in logical stages to better represent the data flow in the generated documentation.

lineage-graph-named-logical-stages __shadow__

To know more about the feature, check out Logical stages.

Controlling node color

You can also decide on node color in the generated docs along with logical stages using the parameter node_color.

Check out Node colors to know more about the feature.

Support for Python models

This preview also supports Python models, which are introduced in dbt 1.3.

To know more about the feature, check out Using Python to build MATE models.


We have also added a new TRANSFORM_ACTION: BUILD in the preview. The BUILD action will run the RUN, TEST, SNAPSHOT, and EED actions all in a single job.

To know more about the feature, check out Using TRANSFORM_ACTION: BUILD.

Updated version of installed packages

We have also updated the version of bundled packages to the versions listed below:

Enabling dbt 1.3 private preview

You can enable the dbt 1.3 private preview in any branch by adding the following variable to the project variables:


Any subsequent pipeline on the branch will use the orchestrator version, which has the dbt 1.3 preview enabled.