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Observability is a core capability of — our platform with a range of modules offering a variety of functionalities, including pipeline orchestration, environment management, and federated governance, to enhance your experience and offer even more value. observability collects and aggregates all your metadata, creating rich knowledge graphs to help you gain real-time visibility and control over your operations and processes. It extends monitoring with out-of-the-box modules to view, analyze, and manage operational metadata across your entire ecosystem, delivering insights to help you optimize spend and make the correct data-driven decisions.

The modules of observability are:

  • Spendview for Snowflake — a free module from observability that we now make available as a standalone tool. It gives organizations granular visibility into Snowflake user adoption, usage, and cost. Anyone with a Snowflake account can use Spendview for Snowflake.
  • Data Products observability — a licensed module from observability that helps to improve businesses by providing real-time visibility on the usage, quality, and cost performance of data products, to mention a few.
  • Pipelines monitoring — a licensed module from observability that helps monitor data pipelines' health and optimize infrastructure costs.