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Release Notes February 2024

Data product platform

Feature release status badge: Feature
Enabling pipeline filtering by name

You can now filter pipelines by name both on the platform and with the API. The pipeline's name is the same as the pipeline's filename defaulting to full-ci.yml, but you can customize the name according to your needs.

effective date

You can only filter pipelines that ran after February 24, 2024.

For more information, see the Monitoring Pipeline Execution documentation.

Feature release status badge: Improvement
DevReady moving to

On Tuesday 20th February, the DevReady environment will be moved from to This move aims to facilitate improvements and new features within the DevReady environment.

What does this mean for you?

Starting Tuesday, February 20th, when you open a project with DevReady, the corresponding workspace will open in

You must authorize the workspace environment with the first time you open a project.


Remember to commit any changes you've made in your old workspaces before transitioning to the new environment. This ensures you won't lose any of your work during the switch.

The previous workspace environment will remain available until Friday, 8th March, allowing for a smooth transition. You can visit to see your existing workspaces and user settings, including user variables.

To ensure a smooth transition, see the section below to help you migrate your user variables to the new environment. Moving these variables to ensure your projects continue to work as expected within DevReady is essential.

Migrating variables


Take care when moving your variables. Some may contain sensitive information, such as Snowflake account passwords.

To migrate the variables for a project, use the following command in a DevReady workspace:

gp env | awk -F'=' '{printf "gp env %s=\"%s\";\n", $1, $2}' | code -r -

The command will create a temporary file with the necessary commands to set the same variables in the new environment.

Then, simply open the project in and run the commands in the terminal. Remember, the moved variables will only apply to the project. You may have to restart the workspace for the variables to take effect.

Please note that:

  • If you have any group or global-scoped variables, i.e., variables whose scope contains an asterisk *, you must manually set these for the new environment.
  • The required regex within is */** for global-scoped variables.

Static IP addresses

To connect to DevReady, you must ensure that any firewall allows outbound HTTPS connections to the following IPv4: