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Release Notes March 2024


Feature release status badge: Feature
Support of dbt Core 1.7

We have introduced dbt Core version 1.7 support across our transformation orchestrator MATE, the MATE packages, and the Dataops development environment.

See the MATE Orchestrator, MATE Packages, and DataOps development environment documentation for more information.

Feature release status badge: Feature
Sequence ordering in SOLE

We've added a new ordering parameter to the Sequence object in the Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine (SOLE). This parameter allows you to specify the order in which new Sequence values are generated.

See the Sequence object documentation for more information.

Feature release status badge: Improvement
Multiple improvements in dataops-snowsql

We have improved the performance of the dataops-snowsql CLI. Now, it can run SQL scripts containing multiple SQL queries simultaneously. Also, we've added support for more output formats and enhanced the user-friendly display of results.


There will be a visual difference in the output when the format argument is set to table.

See the dataops-snowsql documentation for more information. Create

Feature release status badge: PubPrev
Build data products with Create has just released Create, the powerful app designed to revolutionize the way you build, manage, and deploy data products. With Create, you get started instantly with an intuitive interface, requiring no setup whatsoever. In just a few clicks, you'll be on your way to creating reliable data products.

But that's not all! With the power of Gen AI by your side, you'll get instant answers to your questions while you iterate and refine data products.

Give Create a try and check the Analytical Data Product Quickstart documentation for more information.

Build a data product via an intuitive interface !!shadow!!

DataOps CLI (SOLE Generator)

Feature release status badge: Feature
Parse multiple procedures and/or functions with the same name

SOLE Generator now supports parsing multiple procedures and functions with the same name, but different arguments. For each of these procedures, a unique signature is generated which is then recognized by the Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine (SOLE).

For more information about Procedure and Function overloading in SOLE, see the Procedure and Function documentation.

Feature release status badge: Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Improved error handling for virtual columns

As virtual columns are not supported in SOLE, we have improved the error handling for such columns in the SOLE Generator. Instead of throwing an error, the SOLE Generator shows a warning and ignores the virtual columns present in the table definition.