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SOLE Plan Viewer

A user-friendly preview of the SOLE or SOLE for Data Products plan is generated as part of the plan Snowflake setup job. You can find this version of the plan in the Reports section of your pipeline.

pipeline reports !!shadow!!

To ensure this report is generated, verify that the artifacts in your plan Snowflake setup job are configured as described in the documentation.

The SOLE Plan Viewer provides an interactive graphical interface where you can review all planned changes that are about to be applied to Snowflake as part of the apply plan to Snowflake job.

Additionally, you can search and filter these changes based on the action or object type.

plan viewer filter !!shadow!!

All planned changes are organized in multiple sections, which you can expand/collapse. A dedicated section is available for each object group of the SOLE object group hierarchy. Each section gives a structured overview of the updates that are about to be applied to Snowflake. The content in these sections varies depending on the object type.

plan viewer changes !!shadow!!