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Orchestrators Release Notes (June 7, 2022)

v5.5.0 (5-latest)

We have added new features to the existing DataOps Orchestrators' functionality. They are divided into the following categories:

R Orchestrator version update

We have upgraded the version of R in the R orchestrator to R version 4.2. We have also added several useful R libraries:

  • DBI
  • devtools
  • dplyr
  • odbc
  • pracma
  • plyr
  • syuzhet
  • tidyvers

We have updated the ODBC Snowflake driver to 2.24.7, and also adds a couple of example scripts into the /dataops_samples directory in the orchestrator image.

Stage Ingestion Orchestrator (preview)

We have added a public preview version of the Stage Ingestion orchestrator. This orchestrator allows ingestion of data from a Snowflake AWS S3 stage into tables defined by SOLE.