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Orchestrators Release Notes (July 27, 2022)

v5.6.1 (5-latest)

Snowflake Key Pair Authentication

We now support using key-pair authentication for enhanced authentication security as an alternative to basic authentication (i.e.username and password) for the following orchestrators:

You can read more about how to configure key-based authentication for your project in the Admin Guide.

SOLE Enhancements

We extended the support for the following Snowflake objects: function, procedure and tag.

  • You can now write your functions in one of the following programming languages: Javascript, Java, SQL and Python. You can use runtime_version and packages parameters to further configure Python and Java UDFs, respectively.
  • You can now write your procedures in Javascript or SQL.
  • We have added allowed_values to better manage tag objects.

MATE Enhancements

  • We are now supporting the usage of apply_grants on snapshots in our Model and Transformation Engine.
{% snapshot customer_snapshot_timestamp %}
check_cols=['C_PHONE', 'C_COMMENT', 'C_NAME'],
post_hook="{{ dataops.apply_grants(['TEST_ROLE_1']) }}"

FROM {{ source('snowflake_sample_data_tpch_sf1', 'CUSTOMER') }}
{% endsnapshot %}


  • We have upgraded the version of R in the R orchestrator to 4.2.1.
  • We fixed the issue within SOLE Grant Management where unnecessary revokes were being performed on databases created from shares.