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Orchestrators Release Notes (October 12, 2022)

v5.7.2 (5-latest | 5-stable)

Feature release status badge: Feature

  • Apply tags on the Snowflake objects Database, Schema, and Table by using the new keyword with_tags
  • Attach Network Policies to user and account objects
  • Better validation techniques for the SOLE configuration are implemented

Feature release status badge: Feature

  • The SecretsManger orchestrator now supports integration with Hashicorp Vault
  • A new Snowpark Python orchestrator has been introduced to help you query and process data during pipeline execution

Feature release status badge: Improvement
In SOLE and Orchestrators

  • Improved the usability of SOLE log messages
  • Improved the log info and layout in the Reporting orchestrator
  • Improved logging and handling of the HTTP-error status in the TMC orchestrator
  • Additional validation added in SOLE to throw errors if object names are not strings
  • Additional validation added in SOLE for encryption parameter for the internal stage

Feature release status badge: Bug Fix
Bug Fix
In MATE, SOLE, and Orchestrators

  • Fixed the macro dataops.apply_dynamic_policy in MATE so that ALTER query takes the model's materialization in consideration
  • Fixed a bug in SOLE and Stage Ingestion where no ingestion was performed if another object with same name exists in the same schema
  • Fixed a bug in the Reporting orchestrator, where not specifying a RENDER script led to the job failing
  • Fixed the name of the file uploaded for the metadata profile in the orchestrator
  • Reverted the strict schema validation which was a breaking change for pipelines with invalid SOLE configuration