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Orchestrators Release Notes (October 27, 2022)

v5.8.0 (5-latest)

Feature release status badge: Feature
Share Restriction

You can easily now enable or disable share restriction — adding consumer accounts to a share belonging to a business-critical data provider.

By default, sharing data is not allowed from an account on a business-critical edition to an account on a lower edition to maintain the expected level of data protection provided by Business Critical. However, when the share_restrictions parameter is disabled, a business-critical provider account can add a consumer account with a non-business-critical edition to a share.

Feature release status badge: Improvement
Automatic Retry of Failed Jobs

Gain time and effort by automatically retrying failed jobs until they succeed or reach a specific number of retries.

Known Limitation

Support for validate_utf8 has been removed from the file_format parameter. Only True is now acceptable. If the value is set to False, the pipeline will fail.