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Orchestrators Release Notes (November 9, 2022)

v5.8.2 (5-latest)

Feature release status badge: PubPrev
Explicit Deletion of Snowflake Objects

We have implemented a new feature in a Public Preview to easily protect against any intentional or unintentional deletion of data. This helps you ensure that Snowflake Objects aren't deleted unexpectedly. You can now:

  • Tell SOLE explicitly that the deletion of one or more objects is intentional and thus leaves no place to accidentally delete something you shouldn't.
  • Count on SOLE to protect you from data loss. SOLE considers objects that aren't explicitly marked to be deleted as missing and will fail the pipeline as a result.
  • Stop managing an object in SOLE so that you can handle it manually or move it to a different project.

See Explicit Object Deletion in the SOLE user guide for more information.