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Platform Release Notes (August 04, 2022)

We have added new features across multiple dimensions of our Platform. They are divided into the following categories:

Registration token encoding change

In this release, the encoding of runner registration tokens will change. We recommend users always come back to the platform to get their current registration token. If you hold a registration outside of the platform you will need to update it with the latest value from the platform. (Settings > CI/CD > Runners). For more details see the DataOps Docker runner installation page.

Enable SSH for Git operations

DataOps now supports either RS25519 or RSA keys (at least 2048 bits) for use with Git over SSH. To see more see our how-to guide for setup instructions.

Status page

We have launched a new status page at You can subscribe for updates on status updates and maintenance windows.

Maintenance window redirect

We have made improvements to our load balancers and now during maintenance windows, users' browser requests will be redirected (HTTP 302) to where there will be updates on progress. Requests to api/* will be returned an HTTP 503 Service Unavailable.

Pipeline's pause during maintenance windows

We have a new DataOps Runner in Private Preview that has improved behavior during a maintenance window.

If a job orchestrated by this new runner cannot access the platform for whatever the reason, it will complete the current job and then wait for the platform to become available for up to 24 hours. When the platform becomes available again, the job will upload any artifacts, logs and status updates of the job before executing new workloads.

Further jobs in the pipeline will then start, subject to any timeout constraints.