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Platform Release Notes (September 8, 2022)

We have added new improvements across our Platform. They are divided into the following categories:

Resource Group Locking Bug

We have fixed a bug that affected pipelines that use resource groups heavily. A resource group lock could become stuck preventing any jobs from acquiring the lock. We have fixed the source issue and also added some advanced monitoring should a similar issue appear in the future.

User Interface Improvements

Throughout the platform, there have been general UI improvements, most notably the following:

  • An improved top-level menu bar.
  • Improved pipeline overview page.
  • Full-width pipeline execution overview.

Updated DataOps Template project

General usability improvements.

  • Updated links to the documentation site
  • Default post hook to apply governance in MATE project
  • Additional default dbt project directories
  • Added a Job that prints MATE context
  • Improved comments and READMEs

Delete Pipeline Execution - Permission Change

The permission to delete a pipeline execution from the run history has been moved from Maintainer to Owner.