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Feature Release Status

Every DataOps feature has one of the five following statuses:

Feature release status badge: Labs

This status describes an experimental feature to prove or showcase a concept. The feature might never be released and no assumption about further development should be made.

Feature release status badge: PriPrev
Private preview

This status describes a feature still in development. It may only be released to a few customers, not for general use. Therefore, it should not be used in DataOps pipelines on main production branches. However, it can be utilized for testing in feature branches.

not for production use

Private Preview features may significantly change before they are finalized and might not be released.

Feature release status badge: PubPrev
Public preview

A public preview status describes a feature that has broadly finished development and may be released to a few (or all) customers. The expectation is that it will not change significantly when fully released. As a result, we do not recommend its use in main production branches.


Exercise care when using.

Feature release status badge: GA

This status describes a fully released and fully supported feature available to all customers.

Feature release status badge: Deprecated

A deprecated feature is nearing the end of its life and will soon be removed. Therefore, customers are encouraged to consider alternatives. The feature is still fully supported. However, we will only fix critical bugs.


We do not recommend any new use of this feature.

Feature release status badge: EoL
End of life

This feature has reached the end of its life and is no longer supported. The feature will be (or is already) removed from the product.