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The Product Lifecycle and Compatibility page provides information on end-of-life planning for products and compatibility between different product versions. product lifecycle

This table shows when different versions were made generally available, provides a schedule for their end of service, and states when they will reach end-of-life.

VersionRelease DateEnd-of-ServiceEnd-of-Life v5January 2022---- v4August 2020February 2022February 2023

All versions not listed in the table above have already reached End-of-Life.

A new major version's General Availability changes the state of the previous major version to End-of-Service. The previous major version continues to be fully supported for 12 months from that date onwards. After 12 months, such a major version is End-of-Life.

  • Generally Available versions are fully supported
  • End-of-Service versions no longer receive functional updates
  • End-of-Service versions are supported, yet patches to customer tickets are limited to S1 Severity problems only
  • End-of-Life versions are no longer supported releases a new major version every 12 to 18 months. modules compatibility

This table shows which module versions are compatible with the app.

ModuleVersionCompatible with app
DataOps Runnerv15.xyes
DataOps Orchestrators5-stableyes