Skip to main content Availability & Customer Support Service Level Agreement Availability takes every measure to commit to availability of 99.9%. This is achieved by implementing various hardware and software solutions around load balancing and high availability. has also implemented a sophisticated monitoring solution ensuring that in the unlikely event of the Platform either being unavailable or being at risk to become unavailable to immediately notify our Support team on a 24x7x365 basis.

Under the Terms of, available means that at least 1 licensed user can log in and reasonably use the Platform.

The SLA on availability does not apply to each of the following events:

  1. Scheduled or emergency maintenance
  2. Any interruption on systems and/or platforms outside of the reasonable control of
Platform supportAutomated monitoring
S124x7x365 response time within 15 minutes with max unavailability of <1 hour Support Service Level Agreement for Customers offers standard support to its customers based on the response time guidelines indicated in the Response Time Table below. addresses problem resolutions through several mechanisms, including defining workarounds, developing patches, or through an upcoming generally available software release based on issue severity and priority.

Scheduling of the defect resolution will be based on severity and priority. At's discretion, a stable release may be delivered, in cases of high severity or significant impact to multiple customers, where a workaround is not available.

Problem severity

Problem severitySummaryDescription
S1 - Critical Urgency with Extensive use in a customer production environment is completely not functional.A production system is down or rendered unusable with no available workaround. Business operations have been halted or substantially impacted.
S2 - High Urgency with Significant ImpactPerformance of use in a Production environment is significantly degraded but still operational. The use of non-production environments is not available. Bugs reported on documented functionality of key featuresA production system is functioning with significantly reduced capacity and no available workaround. Business operations can continue in a limited fashion. For development environments, an error is blocking further development work and putting a significant milestone or deadline at risk.
S3 - Medium Urgency with Moderate ImpactPerformance of the use of non-production environments is significantly degraded but still operational. Bugs reported on edge cases (not documented) of key features Loss of functionality without significant business impact.Partial, non-critical loss of functionality. Usage of is impaired but business operations can continue, putting a significant milestone or deadline at risk.
S4 - Low Urgency with Low ImpactGeneral usage question.A general usage or how-to question. An error is cosmetic in nature or has minimal impact on business operations.

Response time

Service LevelSupport Level Response Time
S1<1 hour within business support hours (see table below)
S2<2 hours within business support hours (see table below)
S3<4 hours within business support hours (see table below)
S4<8 hours within business support hours (see table below)

Support hours for Customer support Support is available Monday through Friday during the below GMT hours, excluding UK holidays.

All regions
6 am to 6 pm GMT from Monday - Friday

Support coverage statement

As per support policy, if you are a licensed customer…

We support:
Diagnosis and resolution of product defects
Installation and migration issues
License issues
How-to questions
Delivery of patches
Installation/migration walkthroughs*
Pipeline and job designs or their optimizations*

* We support sharing best practices around installation/migration walkthroughs and pipeline and job design optimizations, and will try to support you. Where we feel that your question is too custom and would require more dedicated support, we may suggest alternative ways, which may incur additional costs.

Escalation Process is committed to supporting you to the best of our abilities and has put in place all relevant processes and procedures to offer the appropriate response times for each service level. But we also appreciate that sometimes the support experience may not reflect our intention. In case you want to speak to someone about an open ticket or an experience that does not meet your expectations, please reach out to