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API Documentation

As a design principle, anything you can do from the DataOps UI can be done via REST APIs. The API of the data product platform is almost identical to the GitLab REST API Resources. For more information, see their pages.

People have tried to use generic automation tools, such as Airflow, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, and GitLab. However, these technologies are all built for the software world (Airflow is a little more generic) but have no expertise in other areas.

No system can be an expert in everything in a modern, complex world. This has given rise to domain-specific orchestrators, i.e., orchestrators built to understand a specific domain's technologies and requirements, such as security, network, AAA, and virtualization.


The data product platform is the domain-specific orchestrator for data.

This diagram shows how an Enterprise Orchestrator is used to run pipelines from outside the data product platform. In other words, instead of DataOps calling a domain-specific orchestrator, the client system uses this API to schedule or run pipelines.

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Learn how to use the API from the Using REST API and REST API resources pages.