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DataOps Features in Preview offers pre-release features and gives them a status with a Preview tag. They are provided for evaluation and testing purposes and are not meant to be used in production under any circumstances. notifies customers of available previews through different means, including emails, webinars, or newsletters. Preview features are always identified in our documentation and release notes by adding the Preview tags.

Preview types

Preview features can be either private or public and are released on a “Preview” basis with the below tags so customers can get early access and provide feedback:

  • Private preview - Describes features still in development and may only be released to a few customers. You must not use such features in DataOps pipelines on your production branches. You can use them for testing in feature branches.
  • Public preview - Describes actively developed features that may be released to a few or all customers. These features should not change significantly when fully released, but we do not recommend you use them in main production branches.

Features currently in preview

The following topics list all release features in public and private previews to help you discover our features in development but not yet delivered and generally available.

Features in public preview

OrchestratorsDescription orchestratorInteracts with the data catalog to publish metadata about the data transformed in a DataOps pipeline. Learn more with examples.
Stage Ingestion orchestratorHelps ingest data from Snowflake stages into tables defined in the Snowflake configuration by SOLE (Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine). Learn more with examples.
Snowpark (Python) orchestratorProvides an intuitive API for querying and processing data in a pipeline. Learn more with examples.
Soda orchestratorHelps Soda users to run automated testing as part of a DataOps pipeline, supporting operations provided by Soda SQL. Learn more with examples.
SOLE for Data ProductsNew framework for SOLE (Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine) to help you easily build an ecosystem of data products and benefit from greater accuracy and accessibility of data. Learn more with examples.
SOLE for Data Products migrationProvides information on how to migrate/update your current Snowflake object configuration to match the new structure of SOLE for Data Products. In the new structure, object definitions are split into separate files allowing their organization into type-specific or domain-specific files. Learn more with examples.
ApplicationsDescription CreateThe automates data product building, management, and deployment. It offers Gen AI assistance and lets you get instant answers to your questions while you iterate and refine data products. Learn more with examples.

Features in private preview

Data ProductsThey leverage data as the source and, with the data product platform, you build pipelines to process and transform data into data products that allow consumers to connect, explore, and consume the data. Learn more with examples.